Let's look at the molecule in VR.
image 1

VR molecular viewer

Molecular viewer with VR (Virtual Reality)

By mounting an Android smart phone device like glasses, you can see VR (Virtual Reality) of molecules in front of the eyes. When you are ready, let's tap the button on the below to enter the molecular VR world!


  • An android device with display size around 5 inches.

    Currently iOS devices such as iPhone don't supprt the VR function.

  • An VR goggle

    It can be purchase for several handreds yen if it is made from paper. Please mount the android device to it.

  • VR controller

    It is necessary for some actions such as translating and zooming.

  • Internet accessing environment

    Any type of Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) or cell phone line is acceptable.

    "header": {
        "minimamHeightScale": 1.0,
        "scalingAnimSec": 0.3
    "src": {
        "spacer": "/share/im/ui_spacer.png",
        "dummy": "/share/im/ui_dummy.png"
    "spacer": "/share/im/ui_spacer.png"