The container of the HIV genome: HIV Capsid

The container of the HIV genome: HIV Capsid

Papermodel of HIV capsid

The shape and size of viruses are various. Some viruses are simple only with the shell including their genome. The others are more complex that include some compartments. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) belongs to the latter group, and in the outer shell (envelop) there are various molecules that come from both the virus and the host cell. The elongated compartment (capsid) including the virus genome is also in it. This papermodel is the imitation of it.

To get the PDF files, click the figure or following links.

Molmil molecular viewer: It allows to rotate and zoom in/out the molecule by mouse operations, displayed in red and cyan anaglyph mode.

PDB 3j3q: The information page of this structure (Yorodumi)

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