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Molecule of the Month

Directed Evolution of Enzymes December (228): Directed Evolution of Enzymes
Telomerase November (227): Telomerase
Aminoglycoside Antibiotics and Resistance October (226): Aminoglycoside Antibiotics and Resistance
Phytase September (225): Phytase
Legumain August (224): Legumain
Piezo1 Mechanosensitive Channel July (223): Piezo1 Mechanosensitive Channel
Proteins and Nanoparticles June (222): Proteins and Nanoparticles
Human Papillomavirus and Vaccines May (221): Human Papillomavirus and Vaccines
Dehalogenases April (220): Dehalogenases
Vacuolar ATPase March (219): Vacuolar ATPase
EPSP Synthase and Weedkillers February (218): EPSP Synthase and Weedkillers
Opioid Receptors January (217): Opioid Receptors