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Welcome to Molmil wiki!


Molmil is a new molecular viewer developed by Gert-Jan Bekker of PDBj. It is for a web environment with the intent to be usable on as many platforms as possible, while offering GPU hardware acceleration via OpenGL, offering stunning graphics and optimal performance. Not only do we integrate the molmil viewer into our existing services we offer like we do with jV, molmil is also available as a standalone viewer. Via the standalone viewer you can load your own PDB, PDBML PDBx/mmCIF, mmJSON files, but also load existing PDB entries (via PDB ID) and chem_comp entries (via chem_comp id). Finally it is also possible to load polygon-xml files. In the future we will add additional features and feature requests are of course also appreciated. It is also possible to integrate molmil on your own website.

How to Use

Please see the following pages for usage of Molmil.


On desktops, laptops and workstations, to use molmil, it is recommended to install the latest version of your favourite browser. For some older versions of Safari and Opera it is also required to enable WebGL. Finally make sure that your drivers are not too old (2010-12-31).

On mobile devices (smartphones/tablets), it is recommended to install the latest version of Chrome for Android, Firefox for Andriod, Opera Mobile or the Blackberry browser. iOS (iPhone/iPad) is currently supported from iOS 8.0. In case your browser supports WebGL, you will be able to see and use a preview of our new molmil viewer:

Trouble Shooting