RNA-dependent RNA polymerase and remdesivir (PDB ID:7bv2, 7aap)


This is an enzyme protein, RNA-dependent RNA polymerase. This protein is composed of a large catalytic subunit (cyan) and two accessary factor proteins nsp8 (magenta) and nsp7 (yellow). It holds a RNA double strand. Human stores his/her genetic information in double DNA strands, but, coronavirus stores in a single stranded RNA chain. This green "template RNA" has the virus genetic information. The polymerase helps to synthesize a blue complementary "primer RNA" using the "template RNA". The molecule "remdesivir" binds to the head of the primer RNA to prevent further elongation of the primer RNA and prevent disease. The remdesivir forms a base pair with uracil (10U) in the template RNA, mimicking adenosine base. Avigan (favipiravir) also binds to the head of the primer, but, it forms a base pair with cytosine (10C) in the template RNA, mimicking guanosine base. Avigan also can inhibit elongation of the primer RNA.

Protein surface catalytic subunit accessary factor nsp8 accessary factor nsp7 Turn Stop
template RNA primer RNA Remdesivir (phosphate) 10U(Uracil) in template
template RNA primer RNA Avigan(favipiarvir)(triphosphate) 10C(cytosine) in template