Antibody cocktail (PDB ID:6xdg, PDB ID:6vsb)


An antibody cocktail is a mixture of multiple antibodies to protect us from disease. This is a structure of spike proteins with two antibodies, "casirivimab"(green) and "imdevimab"(red). They inhibit the spikes to bind human receptors. These two antibodies bind to the different region of spike RBD domains. The combination of these two antibodies aims to decrease the virus escape mutants. However, against the omicron variant, casirivimab/imdevimab are highly unlikely to be active.

Not show mutation sites Spike proteins Antibodies Casirivimab Imdevimab Turn Stop
Alpha variant N501Y P681H
Delta variant T19R G142D L452R T478K D614G P681R D950N
Omicron BA.5 Variant T19I L24S del25 del27 del69 del70 G142D V213G G339D S371L S373P S375F D405N R408S K417N N440K L452R S477N T478K E484A F486V Q498R N501Y Y505H D614G H655Y N679K P681H N764K D796Y Q954Y N969K